Changing Lives One Person At A Time

The RISE is not just an event… The Rise is a MOVEMENT to harness more self love, authenticity, and power, so we can live the fullest expression of ourselves and make a difference in the world.

My mission is to unite women with a common purpose:

to help you step into more self love, more acceptance of your full potential and to understand on a deeper level that we are all connected!

During these 2 unforgettable days, you’ll walk down a path very few women have the chance to walk. I’ll help you tap into your divine feminine energy to discover why you’re here and how to sculpt a compelling new future.

here's what

makes this event so powerful..

Imagine connecting, bonding and forming lifelong friendships, not with just a group of fun-loving women but with a pack of tribe members who have your back. Your inner child will be awakened and will step into the pure joy and playfulness of the Rise, a remembrance of how life is meant to be lived.

In this safe space, we give you permission to show up fully expressed, regardless of your past doubts, worry, anger, or fear.

We believe everyone, including you, enter into this world as a perfect and pure vessel of love, but somewhere along the way, life knocks us off course.

Unexpected events in our lives, like divorce, illness or other trauma, lead us to become hurt and jaded. Our own pain leads to the loss of trust in others and ourselves.

This hides your strength until the pressures of life become more than you can handle, forcing you to retreat and protect yourself. You become a shadow of who you were meant to be and can’t figure out why. Slowly your individuality is stripped away, one painful day at a time, while you try to mold yourself into what society expects of you.

That’s the day you wake up and no longer recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror.

The RISE is YOUR journey into remembrance. It’s your chance to rekindle and fan your inner flame that has faded.

Your soul is shouting at you, trying to help you remember who you are, where you come from and why you're here.

The RISE is where you answer the calling.

The RISE is your journey back home to find your true YOU.

Together, hand-in-hand, we’ll break down those stone walls around your heart, so you can free your limiting self-beliefs and take back your unlimited potential.

If you’re ready for radical transformation, come join the mission and let’s take a walk side-by-side, hand-in-hand, back home to explore the real you...

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