Join Us For THE RISE

At The Colorado Convention Center

The RISE will happen right in the heart of the mile-high city, at the foot of the snow-capped rockies, on Saturday, October 13-14th inside the Colorado Convention Center.

Denver is a melting pot of culture mixed with nature plus it has over 300+ days of gorgeous sunshine, endless breathtaking views, and what locals call a “happy hour” feel.

You’ll be seduced with her artistic flair, farm-to-table cuisine, local craft breweries, unique live music venues like the famous Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre, and the rugged western appeal.

Denver is an outside city where people love to experience the thin air and explore a cornucopia of urban adventures.

You’ll spend two of the most unforgettable, and memorable days of your life. You’ll join thousands of women for an exciting, engaging, and eye-opening experience where you’ll meet and connect with your fellow sisters and where your life will be forever changed.

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Commit to a new journey, join us,

make new friends, and become mentally stimulated with some of the most cutting-edge transformational experts and teachers you’ll find anywhere…

How To Get There

Denver International Airport (DIA) is the beating heart of the rockies. It welcomes you to the west with incredible views of the mountains, along with the twinkling city skyline.

It’s located just 25 miles from downtown Denver, making it a quick 30 minute drive or 37 minute train ride into the city.

Where To Stay

We’ve put together a welcome packet which will be emailed to you the moment you order your ticket.

This guide will include our recommended hotels to stay at (including exclusive discounts for attendees only), and other hotels in the area.


Denver is a hub for ski fanatics, outdoors enthusiasts, and nature lovers. You'll fall in love with this beautiful city, both day and night. If you arrive early or want to stay late, you’ll have the chance to visit downtown and meander down its cobblestone paths for a breathtaking adventure in art, culture, and shopping.

Or with a short 20 minute drive or train ride from downtown, you'll find hiking trails with city and mountain views, and plenty of space to roam and experience Colorado's unmatched fall weather.

We’ll also have information in your welcome packet about various activities you can enjoy during your stay, so you can maximize your experience during your trip!

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